Hello,My friend Defne Jones has purchased an Openrow Trident product and it has been shipped by your company on 26 August 2020 via Fedex. The product has been sent to Turkey, due to the rules and regulations of the turkish government we needed some documents to be supplied by your company; however the documents you have provided are not accepted by the Turkish Customs and they require 'declaration of conformity' equivalent to the European Union rules and regulations, the paperwork provided by your company is not accepted by Turkish customs officers. In order to get this product out of the Turkish Customs Open row trident has to have a CE document which implies that it is safe etc.. and can be used and approved by the European Union. I am sending you a sample declaration of conformity in the attached files please check if you have a similar one so we can give it to Turkish Customs. 
We are having tremendous problems with the Turkish customs. For these reasons we would kindly request that your company accepts the product back(the shipping fees,etc... willl be paid by us) once the product has been received by your company we would like you to sent it to a U.S or European Adress . The thing is we have a deadline (11.20.2020 is the deadline ) and we have been trying to get in touch with your company through +1415 230 2299 and through Connor Randall but it seems like we can not express ourselves clearly.