Anyone else having issues with the spotter API recent data request ignoring the startDate and just returning the last two measurements instead? I don't see any obvious mistakes in my call below using python. sdate.isoformat() looks like: "2020-11-29T21:20:54.168942", however other manual entries didn't produce a different response either.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks

# Get latest data
headers = {'token': api_token}
params = {
'spotterId': spot_id,
'limit': '500',
'startDate': sdate.isoformat(),
'includeWaves': 'true',
'includeSurfaceTempData': 'true',
'includeWindData': 'false',
'includeSurfaceTempData': 'false',
'includeFrequencyData': 'false',
'includeDirectionalMoments': 'false',
'includePartitionData': 'false'
response = requests.get(