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News and Announcements
News and Announcements

Smart Mooring supports now RBR sensors. Smart Mooring is now compatible with RBRcoda3 sensors. The RBRcoda3 sensor suite leads the industry in accuracy, stability, and power consumption. The integration with RBR means you can access realtime bottom pressure, temperature, and... (More)
Have you seen the new Aqualink initiative for global coral monitoring? The team is taking a bold new approach to coral conservation by providing citizen scientists with the tools to better understand and monitor their local reefs. And they're... (More)
Spotter data partitioning for “sea” and “swell” In addition to the standard bulk parameters, Spotter can now provide the same parameters over two ‘sea’ and ‘swell’ wave partitions. Effectively, this means that we break up the total sea state, which... (More)
Introducing Smart Mooring: An integrated ocean sensing platform. Integrating sensors should be easy. With our Smart Mooring you can connect your favorite sensor to Spotter. This means you can collect data at any depth in realtime, with a single, easily-deployed... (More)